C-Dose Research

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Technical Specs
Image Format

Field of View

Effective Resolution

Frame Rate

LINAC Sync Rate

Image Processing


1600 x 1200, 12 bit

45 x 45 cm [typical]

0.5 mm [typical]

Up to 60 FPS

Up to 400 Hz

Real-Time FPGA

USB3, Gen<I>Cam

  • Real time video of surface dose
  • Use with room lights on
  • Wireless triggering
  • Intrafraction and plan comparison
  • Imaging of patient anatomy
  • Cumulative intensity calculation
  • Integration with treatment plan files, isocenter registration and QA
  • Customizable acquisition settings
  • Tripod or ceiling mounted
  • Video processing, ROI analysis, video export, inter-fraction comparison, and more!